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--- PRICES ---
Clipping Path United Pricing Idea

Clipping Path Service

Starting Price

Basic Clipping Path $0.29
Simple Clipping Path $0.73
Compound Clipping Path $1.37
Extra Clipping Path $1.99
Complex Clipping Path $2.49
Multi Clipping Path $3.48
Super Complex Clipping Path $3.55

Clipping Path with Shadow


Original Shadow $1.50
Drop Shadow $1.10
Reflection Shadow $1.29



Hair Masking $3.49
Transparent Masking $1.58

Color Correction


Color Correction $2.99

Raster to Vector

Raster to Vector $10.00

Graphics Design

Graphics Design $50

Image processing time:

Our standard turnaround time in most cases is 24 hours. However, depending on how many pictures you need editing, we have available options from 6 hours to 96 hours to suit your need.


In our digital and offshore business, we have been providing online solutions. With e-commerce ruling the roost, we understand the need for good design, visualization and product image enhancement. Being based out of a developing country, our ethics have been instrumental in creating a large global clientele. We have also partnered with outside professionals to service our mainstream of regular clients.