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Clipping Path Services

Clipping path, as the visual appeal of a photo, is the cornerstone of its success, publishing the best graphics is usually done with the help of an experienced team. Especially when utilizing difficult manipulation techniques, such as Clipping path, working with trained professionals will ensure that a photograph encompasses not only the client’s vision but their story as well. Since this technique involves the removal of an image’s background, one might suspect that the task is a breeze. However, making sure each clipping path in a photo is fixed correctly is far from simple and should always be done by skilled designers to be effective.

For many years, Clipping Path America has held a firm reputation for providing the top photo clipping path service for clients across the globe. We pride ourselves on using the latest technology, software, and techniques to deliver flawless photos in a timely manner. Customers can also feel comfortable using our clipping path service, as our keen attention to detail and professionalism allows us to consistently exceed client expectations.

Drop Shadow Creation

A drop shadow is a visual effect utilized by designers that give an image a 3D illusion, giving a viewer the impression that the object or person is raised above the things behind it. Especially effective when used against a white or black background, drop shadow services are particularly beneficial for e-commerce websites, catalogs, magazines, and newspapers.

Natural Shadowing

When utilizing a picture’s natural shadow, a graphic designer will remove the original background and place the image on a white backdrop. Doing so creates enhances a photo’s beautification by providing a floating dimensional illusion that gives it a natural shadow.

How We Do It ?

Clipping Path Service OfferedAbout the Service
Clipping path service is ideal for those who are interested in capturing only a specific section of a photograph while ignoring the other areas. By utilizing a clipping path, one creates a non-printing line that encircles the desired portion of the image ultimately allowing one to eliminate the background of an image. This technique is particularly beneficial when used in marketing materials, as it allows one to use a specific area for publicity or any other purpose without a viewer being distracted by the background. Although photos with straight edges tend to be the easiest to process, intricate image clipping is a more complex process that requires additional time and attention. No matter the size of the project, we can provide clipping path service designed to create crisp, stunning photos that clients can be proud of. By making clipping path work to our customer’s benefit, our team will ensure an image’s message is clear and focused.
Background removal involves clipping the path of an object within an image. In other words, “cutting” around the perimeter of the object so that the background can be removed or replaced. It is similar to what you would do with scissors to cut out an object on paper, but done by an expert with software. Our pricing is based on 2 factors: image complexity and order volume. Image complexity refers to the shape of an object. Most products such as apparel or shoes just need a simple background removal service. For products with multiple holes or mesh-like structures, select the Complex service.


Image manupulation

Image manipulation involves making changes to the appearance of a photo for various purposes, such as advertisements, magazines, book and music

Image Optimization

Clipping Path America is a world class pre-press and graphics design house, which works in providing wide

Photo Restoration

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