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Polish your business and personal photos to perfection. Whether it’s an e-commerce store, a company brochure, family album, or your dating profile, high-quality photos make all the difference. We will remove imperfections like smudges or stray hair, even out skin tones, adjust lighting, and make your photos look as professional as possible.

Every photo captures very special moments. It portrays every single emotion that can last forever. Photos are indeed eternal remembrance. But even the most skilled and talented photographers cannot always seize the picture-perfect moments. The lighting may not be enough to immortalize every detail of the occasion, or there could just be too much sunlight. Or just maybe, the lenses are not accurate to the serenity of the surroundings.

It doesn’t matter what the case is. Photo retouching is the solution for you to accomplish the finish you want. We offer our services to you so you will have amazing and flawless photographs. We add texture and enhance natural colors to bring out the details in the shot. Moreover, we can boost even the tiniest details like smoothening the skin of the models, whitening of teeth, or simply disregarding the blemishes. If you want that freckled look in your picture, we can do such enhancement. We will help you produce stunning photographs.

Photo retouching is a practical solution for photographers, be it a professional one or a newbie. So to save time and sweat, and to stay on schedule, outsource us to do your photo retouching. Here at Clipping Path America, we surely make your prints impressive and timeless.

Clipping Path America Clipping Path America


Lets start with free trial. We offer 3 image for free

Free Trial !


Do you offer a free trial order?

Yes, We offer a free trial order, You can give us 3 free trial image as a new customer. We focus on these customer because we become an integrated part of your company and prefer working with customers long term.

How do I send and receive my images?

We have tried our best to setup an easy and flexible upload / download method by our large website. So, you can transfer and receive your images through our large website or,, google plus and

On the other hand, You may upload and download your images by FTP, If you familiar it.

What type of file can I send you?

We accept any type of file. It could be JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, DNG, ARW, CR2, NEF, CIFF Images, We recommend that you should send JPG type files, if it is okay with your end requirement, but of course this is entirely up to you.

Is my FTP account safe and secure?

Yes, you can rest assured. We create individual FTP accounts for every single customer with unique username and password.

Do you save all my uploaded files?

Your uploaded image files are saved on our secure server in folder labeled with the name or company name that you signed up. Original file are stored on the out databases for no more than 60 days due, the size of files being uploaded and download.

Will you use my images for another purpose?

Absolutely not in any situation. Your images always will be safe don't use other purpose and not found anyhwere.

What is your payment term?

You don't need to pay before your service is finished. You pay once you receive the complete ordered images and are happy with the quality.

What are your working hours?

Our production house works from Monday 7 AM till Saturday 7 AM. We are open 24 hours a day. Try us!

How do I pay for your services?

Once a batch of work is completed, we send you an invoice (if needed). We accomplished to accept payment through PayPal. So, You can pay with your PayPal account, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Solo or Direct Debit. You can also transfer money to our bank account.

Can I pay monthly for your service?

Yes, if you send us regular work, We don't ask you to pay on every order, instead you can pay monthly. In that case we maintain just one invoice with all the different order details. Each time you place an order our website, It make an entry to the invoice with all its details including Service description, Order date, Image quantity, Unit price etc. So when you make a payment, you can take a look at the invoice to see weather everything is okay. In this case we prefer bank account.

What happens if I found any problem with any completed images?

At Clipping Path Amrica (CPA) We deal with your images very carefully with highly skilled design professionals and We do not expect this to happen again. However, in the unfortunate event just drop us an email and our company will take that very seriously to redo as soon as possible. Obviously redo the job is absolutely free.

Although, You can reject images through our website. Your payment will be added your My Credit. You can use this Credit the next orders.

Do you offer your services from any country?

Yes, We provided image editing services for any country of the world. Clipping Path America can help you to grow up your business.

Do you have any minimum order requirment?

No, You can order us any quantity of images. We always appreciate your business and try to provide the best possible service.

Why choose Clipping Path America?

High-quality services charged at affordable prices. A quick turnaround time. There is an all-round customer support available. We deliver large quantities quickly. You can rely on us and relax – we’ll take care of the rest and all quotations are provided in less than an hour.

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